Everything you want to know about Self Watering Planters

Welcome to Self Watering Planters Headquarters! If you have a busy lifestyle or if you sometimes forget watering your plants regularly, but you still love having plants in and around your house, you can find everything you need to know about self watering planters. You will not only find information about how self watering works, what you need to build your own watering system and growing your own vegetables but lots and lot more useful information.

Why do you need self watering planters?

Bringing plants into our living space can improve your productivity, increase your happiness and lower your stress. But to keep your plants healthy and alive you need to maintain them carefully.

With giving them water on a regular base you can ensure that the plants have a sufficient amount of water supply in a period of time. In fact, the problem that most people have is that they give their plants too much or too less water. As a result your plants will or drown giving them too much water or they will dehydrate giving them too less water.

Factors that affect watering

There are a few things you have to consider when providing water to plants. The first thing is the amount of water to give to plants and the second thing is when to water the plants. To know the amount of water, you have to give to your plants, you must know several factors about your plants. These are size and specie of your plant, the size and shape of the pot you are using, the soil mixture you are using and the conditions where the plant is to be grown. There is, however, a third factor that can influence the watering of your plants. You can still forget to water your plants or you are going on holidays and your neighbors do the watering job.

How can self watering planters be used?

The self watering planters can be used for any type of plant. A built in reservoir will hold the water and the watering system will give the right amount of water on the right time, which can be daily, weekly or even monthly. Your advantage is that you only have to fill the reservoir when it’s empty. It does not cost you a lot of time and you don’t have to do a lot of work. Instead of doing it by yourself, with the chance that you will forget, you let the watering system do your job on regular times.

Can self watering planters be fashionable?

You will be wondering if the design of the planter will fit in any garden or home. Yes, you can buy planters in any size with an elegant stylish design that look fashionable and fit in any garden or home. If you are handy you can buy all the materials for a self watering planter and built it yourself.